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copyright stanzas [was Re: Sys::SigAction]

-=| gregor herrmann, Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 04:01:03PM +0100 |=-
> Hm, I actually prefer the "stand-alone" licenses at the end because
> they avoid duplication of the license boilerplate (for packages with
> several Files: stanzas that all have the same license but different
> copyright holders) and make reading of the Files: paragraphs easier.

Right. Avoiding bloat is good.

Files: *
Copyright: upstream
License-Alias: Perl
License: Perl
 Foo-Bar is distributed by the same terms as Perl.
 Perl is distributed under ... (details)
 On Debian ... (pointers to full texts)

Does that seem OK?

My problem with it is that the 'Foo-Bar' name would apply to all 
stanzas and some of them may not be 'Foo-Bar'.

Of course, that point is not holding if there's only one upstream 
copyright holder.

> Disclaimer: I have not followed the development of the proposed new
> format closely.

I checked it briefly today and it seems its authors wait for Lenny to 
be set free before initiating a DEP. IOW, the proposal won't settle 

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