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Re: Sys::SigAction

On Thu, 05 Feb 2009 15:41:56 +0200, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> Also, I think something like the following is better:
> Files: *
> Copyright: upstream
> License: GPL-1+|Artistic
>  Foo-Bar is free software, you may distribute under the terms of Perl 
>  itself.
>  .
>  Perl is distributed .....
> Does this looks like a feasible approach to the rest of the group

Hm, I actually prefer the "stand-alone" licenses at the end because
they avoid duplication of the license boilerplate (for packages with
several Files: stanzas that all have the same license but different
copyright holders) and make reading of the Files: paragraphs easier.

In any case "License-Alias: Perl" is helpful to make the --pedantic
lintian happy (if there is a pointer to

Disclaimer: I have not followed the development of the proposed new
format closely.
> > No doubt I would enforcing the trickiness on any sponsor as well...
> > The trouble is, with the current length of the NEW queue...
> Not a problem for me. I use a reprepro package repository dedicated to 
> contain packages that are in NEW. I have it added to the pbuilder 
> chroot so everything just works.

I'm doing something similar with a local dir and a pbuilder hook, so
the burden is bearable :)

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