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Re: Utility to install a perl module via apt with cpan fallback

On 03:21 Fri 09 Jan     , gregor herrmann wrote:


> > Heh, perhaps dh-make-perl can be made to check whether the package 
> > requested to be created already exists :)
> Despite the smiley that might actually be a nice idea, then people
> would just have to remember "dh-make-perl --cpan Foo::Bar --build"
> (or we could provide a wrapper with a shorter name; cpan2deb?) and if
> the package already exists dh-make-perl says "Hey, why not just run
> `aptitude install libFOO-BAR-perl'?".

I like the idea of a tool called cpan2deb.

This would be really nice for users who don't know the command "dh-make-perl
--cpan Foo::Bar --build".

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