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Re: Introduction/Request to Join Debian-Perl Team

On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 10:33:33 -0500, Jonathan Yu wrote:

> My name is Jonathan Yu. I'm a student of the University of Western
> Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada (http://uwo.ca) working toward two
> undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
> (concurrently).

Ah, it seems like the amount of people from Canada keeps rising :)
> Being that I have a few side projects in Perl that I want packaged in
> Debian, I wish to join the pkg-perl team so I can package my stuff,
> and hopefully, as a side effect of my own selfishness, contribute to
> the community.

Sounds like a good plan.
> I'm currently more a Perl coder than a Debian packager, but I'm in the
> hopes that we can exchange our talents as a group, since I know that
> some of you are a bit rusty with your Perl, and I know nothing about
> Debian packages.

Ack, I really like the current influx of Perl hackers, and working
together with different experiences can only be beneficial.

I've you haven't done so already please take a look at the docs at
http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/ , especially policy.html and
subversion.html are essential.
And enjoy our nice coordination tool PET at

I guess we can work out everything else on IRC :)

Welcome to the group!

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