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Icons and licensing for padre (and debian)

Hello Andreas!

How are you? Hopefully well and not too busy before the holidays.

I wanted to ask your expert opinion on some icons for a tool that we are working on adding to debian. The tool is an IDE for the perl programming language and it ships with some icons taken, as I understand it, from the Tango project.

These icons are covered by a license that is not compatible with Debian's Free Software Guidelines (for more of the details of this issue, I have included part of the conversation that occurred on the mailing list below.)*

What I think we'd like to know is: Do you know of an alternative set of icons that might be under the GPL license? I've seen some lovely icons on your site and wonder if they might be licensed in such a way as to fit the DFSG and maybe be included in padre. Or perhaps you know of other icon repositories that are under the GPL or a similar Free Software license.

Thanks a whole lot and hopefully I'll see you next Wednesday at Allegården.

Best regards,


From what I see, the tango icons are taken from the Tango project.
From the tarball I downloaded from tango.freedesktop.org, the license
is CC-SA-2.5.

One problem with it is that it is not compatible with GPL (AIUI,
because it poses additional restrictions).

Another -- that CC-SA requires that derivative works include the full
license text as well as the list of authors. This is something Padre
does not.

More[1], it fails the Debian Free Software Guidelines[2], therefore
cannot be part of Debian. (There is Debian package named
tango-icon-themes in non-free).

[1] http://evan.prodromou.name/ Debian_Creative_Commons_Workgroup_report
[2] http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines

So, as I see it:
* Padre is not distributable, as GPL and CC-SA-2.5 conflict[3];
* Padre is breaking CC-SA-2.5 by not distributing the full license
  text and authors list;
* Debian cannot ship Padre with CC-SA-2.5-licensed material in it.

   [3] I am not sure how CC-SA-2.5 interoperates with Artistic

Is chosing another icon set an option?

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