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Re: post-commit hook fails when committing to dh-make-perl

-=| Paul Fenwick, Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 12:14:32AM +1100 |=-
> G'day everyone,
> Today I tried to make a trivial change to dh-make-perl, and while it looks
> like my change went through (r27351), it also looks like I broke the git
> exporter.

It was me, the shortsighted. I guess the AUTHORS file should be 
auto-generated somehow to avoid the same error in the future. Yet 
another task for that rainy Sunday...

> Full log (munged by cut'n'paste and e-mail client) below, but I think the
> most relevant line is:
> 	Author: pjf-guest not defined in /git/pkg-perl/AUTHORS file
> AFAIK I don't have access to that file to change it.

You do :)

 $ getfacl AUTHORS 
 # file: AUTHORS
 # owner: dmn
 # group: pkg-perl
 group::rwx          #effective:rw-
 group:pkg-perl:rwx      #effective:rw-

and since you are a member of the pkg-perl group...

> However I believe the
> relevant line in it should be:
> 	pjf=Paul Fenwick <pjf@perltraining.com.au>

I used the email you sent to the alioth registration. Feel free to 
adjust it.

Sorry for the trouble and congratulations for your first commit :)

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