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Re: Testing cpan2dist and the phalanx 100

Hey jeremiah,

On 29 Aug 2008, at 16:35, Jeremiah C. Foster wrote:


Because of the naming conventions, or perhaps lack thereof, the
process of determining what is in debian is not easily
automated. Roughly 10 to 20 CPAN modules from the phalanx 100 have
names in debian that do not correspond to the naming convention of

If we can fix our naming convention in c::d::deb, i'd be all for that.
unfortunately, some of them seem to be arbitrarily named. Of course, we
can special case some of hte 'known' ones by saying something like:

  $deb_name = {
     "cpan name"       => "deb name",
     "other cpan name" => "deb name",
  }->{ $mod->name } || convert_to_deb_name( $mod->name );

This could take care of at least the most common one: LWP

Below is a list of those modules from CPAN not found in debian and my
attempt to determine why.

CPANPLUS has a builtin 'list' of deps to ignore and ban when building packages on the fly. Below is the list and their reason why (note that this is for heuristics building packages on the fly -- it's by no means authoritative or

    Ignore list:
    ^IO$                    # Provided with core anyway
    ^Cwd$                   # Provided with core anyway
    ^File::Spec             # Provided with core anyway
    ^Config$                # Perl's own config, not shipped separately
    ^ExtUtils::MakeMaker$   # Shipped with perl, recent versions
                            # have bug 14721 (see rt.cpan.org)
    ^ExtUtils::Install$     # Part of of EU::MM, same reason

    Ban list:
    ^GD$                # Needs c libaries
^Berk.*DB # DB packages require specific options & linking
    ^DBD::              # DBD drives require database files/headers
    ^XML::              # XML modules usually require expat libraries
    Apache              # These usually require apache libraries
    SSL                 # These usually require SSL certificates & libs
    Image::Magick       # Needs ImageMagick C libraries
    Mail::ClamAV        # Needs ClamAV C Libraries
    ^Verilog            # Needs Verilog C Libraries
    ^Authen::PAM$       # Needs PAM C libraries & Headers

E: Unable to locate package libdbd-oracle-perl
   # Not open source?

E: Unable to locate package libdbd-db2-perl
   # Not open source?

Very likely; all of these need at least some c-libs
or header files to build, and those may very well conflict
with debian packaging policy. Best to individually check
them of course.

E: Unable to locate package libmath-pari-perl
   # Cannot find this in debian

this one also requires c-libraries. May be same issue as
above, or simply not popular enough.

E: Unable to locate package libio-perl
   # no, but debian does have libio-all

the module 'IO' is core, and has been for ages, with
very little changes to it. This module is probably
either in perl-base or perl-modules.

It's the reason we ignore the dep, as you can see above.

 E: Unable to locate package libmail-clamav-perl
   # no, but debian does have libclamav-client-perl

It's probably the typical 'foo-client, foo-server, foo,
libfoo' etc problem.. this is probably just a naming issue.

E: Unable to locate package libapache-test-perl
   # Cannot find this in debian

E: Unable to locate package libexcel-template-perl
   # Cannot find this in debian

Unsure about these. Perhaps they're just not popular enough?

That's all i got from the top of my head,


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