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Re: Documentation: "How to get a CPAN module into debian"

> -=| Jeremiah C. Foster, Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 06:13:05PM +0200 |=-
> > I am giving a talk for YAPC::EU about debian from a perl developer's
> > perspective.
> Cool!

heh, glad you are excited because I can use your help. :}
> > One of the things I wanted to talk about and that I
> > occaisionally get asked is "How do I get module X into debian?"
> How about "get your users to use Debian"? :)

This is my real motive. =)
> Hopefully, Debian users know how to propose new packages.
> Also, "write clean copyright and licensing statements".
> I would object, however, against RFPs filed by module authors that 
> seek popularity for their module. Let them distribute their work in 
> CPAN, accumulate users, and let the /users/ file RFPs in case they 
> also happen to use Debian. Otherwise we may as well blindly mirror the 
> whole CPAN :)

Good point.
> How about changing the title to "How to get the CPAN module I use in 
> Debian"?

Yeah, that is a better title.
> Considering the above, I think that the 'reportbug way' should be the 
> only variant explained. I'd add a hint how to search the wnpp list for 
> the proposed package using its ability to filter the bug list.
> Also, a Link to the PTS would be good, also to the Perl sub-policy.

I'll incoporate those changes into the new version.
> Last note. If you happen to meet Jesse Vincent, please ask him to add 
> a proper License statement to Template-Declare. Right now the module 
> only has COPYRIGHT and the only mention of license is "License: perl" 
> in META.yaml, which is a bit scarse. :)

One of the things I hope to do is to nudge all perl developers in
this direction - clearer licensing. I have noted some changes there
of late actually, like this -
Not sure if that complies with debian but looks like it might. Jesse
Vincent is the principal in Best Practical (the company behind RT.)
If I see him I will tell him your message. :)


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