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Re: including non-perl resource files

"Gabor Szabo" <szabgab@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I have arrived to the point in Padre that I started to add a toolbar
> that required the use of external .xpm files.
> This brought me to the general question on how to install files that are
> not .pm nor executables and how to play nice with the downstream distros.
> Actually similar question could be asked regarding example files
> it would be nice to have them installed when people are using CPAN.pm
> but also to make it easy for downstream distros to find them.
> Even test files could be installed for later execution.
> As far as I know there is no standard way in Perl/CPAN for this.
> Johan Vromans suggested the following options on the Wx list:
>  - put the data in a .pm, and load it.
>  - put the data in a subdirectory below your modules, and use @INC to
>    find it.
>  - File::HomeDir and File::ShareDir are good alternatives, although
>    they are not widely supported yet.

At least, there's a precedent. perl-tk data files (e.g. icons
delivered as xpm or xbm files) are delivered in the same directory as
the Perl/Tk modules.


That said, IANADD.


> What is your take on the whole issue?
> How do you deal with this issue in current CPAN modules that include
> other files?
> What would be the ideal for you?
> Gabor
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