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Re: Debian Perl Group and DebCamp

On Sat, 12 Jul 2008 18:51:54 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> > * Who will be there and when is everybody arriving?
> I intend to spend some days in Argentina before arriving to Debconf,
> but expect to see me around the 5th.

> > * What will we be working on?
> From the three main topics listed in the Wiki, I think the "Policy"
> ones should just be discussed between us all. 

My idea was to have some "real-life" discussions and then of course involving
the others "at home".

> And as for "Others",
> although this is a bit external, Raphael Geissert asked me to work
> with him to work on rewritting DEHS, as it's now a PHP mess. I agreed,
> but undoubtely, we will benefit if some people with more of our
> DebianQA-foo joins in.

As Tincho already said that he plans to work on PET/DebianQA I see
possibilitites for some synergy :)

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