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Re: The canonical way to buid a Perl .deb?

On Thu, 03 Jul 2008 13:07:16 +0200, Richard Hartmann wrote:

> > Great! You should create an account in alioth and request membership
> > to the group, if you want to be able to commit to our repository. It
> > is generally asked that you also introduce yourself to the list.
> I am there as richih-guest. I tried to request to join the group, but I was
> unable to display any site within the Debian Perl project page due to
> lacking priviliges. 

There should be a "request membership" link somewhere but don't ask
me where it is exactly

> In case it is possible for group leaders to invite me,
> that would probably work best.

Ack, I've just added you to the project; welcome aboard!
> > See http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/, there you will find some
> > important documents, specially policy.html and subversion.html
> Thanks!

And don't hesitate to ask any questions here on the list or on IRC
(#debian-perl on OFTC/irc.debian.org)

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