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RFH: Problem with pod2man/*roff

Hi there,

when preparing a new upstream release of libpoe-component-irc-perl
using perl5.10, I got lost of lintian warnings about manpages:

W: libpoe-component-irc-perl: manpage-has-errors-from-man
usr/share/man/man3/POE::Component::IRC.3pm.gz 1442: `\-' is not
allowed in an escape name

Gregor and I tracked this down to the way that E<eth> is converted
since perl 5.10:

Original POD:

Hinrik E<Ouml>rn SigurE<eth>sson <hinrik.sig@gmail.com>

perl 5.10 pod2man:

Hinrik O\*:rn Sigur\*(d\-sson <hinrik.sig@gmail.com>

perl 5.8 pod2man:

Hinrik O\*:rn Sigur\*(d-sson <hinrik.sig@gmail.com>

The minimal testcase can be obtained with the following oneliner:

echo -e '=pod\n\nE<eth>' | pod2man | tail -1

I'm asking here, because I don't know much about *roff and friends, so
maybe someone can say if this is actually a pod2man bug or not.


Martín Ferrari

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