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Re: libdata-stag-perl ready for upload, asking for a green light.

-=| Charles Plessy, Fri, May 09, 2008 at 12:07:27AM +0900 |=-
> Although I often vociferate against repackagings, I have deleted a GIF
> file from the original tarball, because I am unsure of its copyright
> status (it is used on an unrelated web site), and it only serves to
> decorate a documentation page. I have provided a get-orig-source that
> creates the ~dfsg tar archive.

I've extended this a bit, making it more universal and convenient.

I moved the actial repackaging in debian/get-orig-source sh script,
hooked it to uscan, renamed the target in debian/rules to
get-orig-source (whthout the final 's').

After all this, all of the following do the same:

  debian/rules get-orig-source
  uscan --force

The last line is what we usually use for the rest of the packages.

I also removed README from dh_installdocs call as it duplicated
Data::Stag POD and added get-orig-source to .PHONY

I hope this is not too much of intervention :)

> Due to the Perl transition, I do not know if an upload is welcome (even
> if it would be to NEW). Therefore, I will wait for somebody on this list
> to give me a green light before doing so.

*green light* :)

I built the package in a just-updated sid chroot, then used the lintian
on up-to-date sid and didn't see the strange error Gregor has.

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