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DM vs. pkg-perl, take two

So, how about reverting our policy wrt Uploaders vs. DM?

As far I see it, for the time the change was in effect

* two maintainers were unpleasantly surprised that they are removed from
  Uploaders: of packages they do care for.

* "XS-DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" was added to one package, no uploads by
  Tincho yet :)

* the length of the Upload queue is rather low, recently (Thanks to
  Roberto for a great number of reviews and uploads; Thanks to all
  non-DDs (yet) for high-quality work, easing reviews)

So, all in all, it seems to me that the change was not right and caused
more bad than good.

My proposal is to fully revert all changes that were introduced in order
to adopt DM into the group.

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