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Hello DPG

I have been digging through the documentation on pkg-perl.alioth.d.o
over the holidays and have been lurking on debian-perl@l.d.o and
#debian-perl for a few months since filing #443263 - ITP:
libauthen-tacacsplus-perl, working on absorbing some packaging tool
hints and general Debian-goodness.  I thought it was time to introduce

I have been a Debian (and many other distros..) user since 1999-ish and
have been a full-time Systems Admin/Engineer/Architect since 2002.  Perl
is one of the many tools that I use regularly in my work, and Debian is
*the* tool of choice in my work  ;)

I have always tried to provide thoughtful help to users and developers
by participating on mailing lists, creating good upstream bug reports,
and basically just doing my best to disseminate my own experience in the
most helpful ways I can find.  In my years of work with various
distributions, Debian has proven to be, in my opinion, one of the finest
Linux community projects.  So here I am in the beginnings of a great way
to be giving of myself, as well as dedicate some of my spare time in
support of a project that I deeply believe in.  My helping build and
maintain packages that we use in production and getting them into Debian
is a bonus to other users that might find them useful in the future.

I would be honored to be accepted as a part to the Debian Perl Group and
be added to the alioth project.  I'm sure I will have questions as I go
along, but the last few months of my following the DPG list have shown
this to be a helpful bunch.  I will try to do the same  :)

Kind Regards,
Michael Shuler

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