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Re: Updates to qareport

On Sun, 23 Dec 2007 08:53:13 -0300, Martín Ferrari wrote:

> finally, last night I decided to solve the pending issues around dist/
> URLs when using the CPAN cache. 

Thanks alot!

> Silly me, of course it doesn't show unofficial versions of modules or
> distributions, 

I think that's a general question if we want to have them in Debian
or not; I don't have enough experience regarding released vs.
developer versions to have a real opinion on that issue ...

> I've tried to use the find-ls.gz file,
> which looks much better than a ls-lR, but CPAN is SO fucked up that
> this file seems to lack *some* files in the by-authors hierarchy.

During my experiments with packagecheck I also found that most of the
times the /by-dist /by-authors and /dist views show the same
versions, but for some modules they are inconsistent for no apparent
> To sum it up, I guess we've been too naïve about CPAN; we should think
> on how to cope with all this chaos. We can not rely too much on
> following individual distributions, as we're about to reach 600 of
> these. May be we should think of using some custom watchfile that
> could do queries on module names or something like that...

Hm, "custom watchfile" reminds me of Bart's watchupstream
script/package which offers something like that IIRC. Maybe you could
take a look at it to see if it could help us?

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