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RE: New pkg-perl group members: Clint Burfoot and David Bremner

Hey there Clint!

> I'm here because I'm a full-time Perl developer and Debian 
> user in my day-job and want to become a more active part of 
> the community behind the technologies that I use and rely on.
> I adopted liberror-perl a couple of years but have done 
> little with it, partly because the sponsor I was working with 
> gradually lost interest and became unavailable. Also partly 
> because an application I made to the New Maintainer process 
> was knocked back (after 8 months) because I "should probably 
> do some more work". That felt like a kick in the teeth at the 
> time, but I'm over it now and keen to follow that (very 
> reasonable) direction.

I know the feeling, I went through the same experience. The irony is
that now I am doing much more work for debian than I was about two years
ago when I applied to be a NM and I don't feel any pressing need to be a
DD. One can contribute a great deal to debian without being a DD. I am
not sure if you have read about the new DM process, there are a couple
threads about it on this list from the last two weeks - it might be
something you could check out, I have been mulling it over but at the
moment I don't see any specific advantage over the way I work now.

> With the help of a new sponsor I've recently closed a couple 
> of bugs that had accumulated against liberror-perl, including 
> an upstream version upgrade. I now want to look towards 
> bringing the package under the co-maintainership of the 
> group, continuing to work on it, and seeing what other 
> packages I can help out with.

As gregor said, there is always lots to do, and IRC and the mailing list
are pretty active. People tend to gather later in the afternoon on IRC
during Central European Time, Universal Time -1 hour. I start my debian
activity by looking at the qa report which is a good overview, here is
the link again in case you don't have it:

Best regards,


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