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Greetings POD people

>>>>> "Gunnar" == Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> writes:

    Gunnar> Please do join this list [1], as well as
    Gunnar> pkg-perl-maintainers [2]. You can also join
    Gunnar> pkg-perl-commits (also at [2]), but at least I prefer
    Gunnar> following it via the RSS feed [3].

Hi All;

I'm a long time (well, 6 months) lurker on pkg-perl. So I know some
your names, if not so much useful things like policy :-).  

In my day job I'm a computer scientist and mathematician.  My main
interest is in software that helps me and people like me get their
work done.  Mostly this means mathematical software, but also tools
for software development, and just plain tools.  I got started
packaging for Debian with pushmi (http://bugs.debian.org/429688), an
svn mirroring system (written in perl) on top of svk.  Pushmi depends
on a couple of CPAN modules (http://bugs.debian.org/430686,

What I can contribute:

I'm fairly fluent in Perl (although I admit many new things I am
trying to write in Python; don't hate me), C, and C++ and a native
English speaker. I'm getting almost comfortable with debhelper and
dpatch (no quilt yet).  I'm not certain at this point that I am going
to go for DM/NM status. I want to make sure I can do a decent job (in
terms of time and interest) of maintaining a few packages. 

What I am looking for:

Uh, yeah, hi. I saw your ad about the free co-maintainership and
increased chances of sponsorship with any upload to svn.  :-)


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