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Re: DM and pkg-perl

Damyan Ivanov dijo [Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 09:26:48PM +0200]:
> I have the following concern I'd like addressed before going "wide
> open".
> (...)

As I just said, I'm just starting to follow this thread. And, yes,
I've also been mostly inactive during the last couple of months :(

Anyway - I don't think it is as dramatic as you put it. Of course, I
also want to keep QA high in Debian. Still, who could upload even if
we do set this tag? Well, only people who are already uploaders,
right? That means, only people who are already part of the pkg-perl
team _and_ have already taken part of a package uploaded, right? i.e.,
were Gregor to become hired by Microsoft and Tincho to join Al-qaeda,
we would have to fear as we would by then -given they are not yet full
DDs, of course.

But what about just another, not fully trusted DM? Well, no worries -
he would not have commit privileges to our SVN tree. 

Of course, I do think we should clean/prune out list of group
members... There are too many inactive members (even more now, as
every DD has commit rights to the SVN tree), and many people even
(/methinks) we do not know - and therefore cannot trust.


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