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Perl dependencies for Koha


  I have just uploaded 4 new perl packages that will be needed for
koha (ITP 389876):
- libhtml-template-pro-perl (ITP 452034)
- libdublincore-record-perl (ITP 452715)
- libmarc-crosswalk-dublincore-perl (ITP 452713)
- libschedule-at-perl (ITP 452714)

  I think they all respect the Debian Perl Group policy but do not
hesitate to point me to errors if any (so that I do not reproduce
them next time).
Note that libhtml-template-pro-perl has a watch file in SVN that is
not in the uploaded package (I forgot to add it before my upload).
It will be for the next upload (after NEW processing)

  I do not use all these perl library myself. So I kept the description
from the CPAN module. If you have better ones to suggest, to not hesitate.

  The only missing package for Koha is XML::RSS (in libxml-rss-perl).
It exists in the archive but with a too old version.
However, his package is not handle by the Debian Perl Group and its
DD seems mostly mia (see 445390) :-(

  Last remark: there is a error in the SVN doc for perl group. In
"Second, add svn-noautodch to ~/.svn-buildpackage." should be replaced with:
"Second, add svn-noautodch to ~/.svn-buildpackage.conf."

  Best regards,

Vincent Danjean       GPG key ID 0x9D025E87         vdanjean@debian.org
GPG key fingerprint: FC95 08A6 854D DB48 4B9A  8A94 0BF7 7867 9D02 5E87
Unofficial pacakges: http://www-id.imag.fr/~danjean/deb.html#package
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