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Re: I'm new to Debian


I'd like to add a couple of words to Jeremiah's very good explainations.

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 12:01:24AM +0200, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> Much of what needs to be done is listed here: 
> http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/qa/versions.html

What tha page shows are differences between package versions in archive,
upstream and our SVN repository. If everything is OK, all versions match
and we have nothing to do. Otherwise the package sappears on that page.

The list of RFPs given by Gregor is a good reference too (if you are
looking for more work).

> We need to download that source code from CPAN and build a new 
> package for debian.

Actually, packages are seldom build from zero. Using the current package
is much preferred. When there is no current package, "dh-make-perl
--pkg-perl --cpan Module::Name" does a pretty nice job in creating the

> The good thing about this is that all these packages are already in debian 
> and already in the form of a package.

Not all. Those which are, have their name linking to the QA page.

> Once your work has been checked, the DD will upload the package to Testing 

Oops, jeremiah meant "ftp-master", not "Testing" :)

> and off it will go though the various process that test new packages. 
> Eventually it will find it way into sid and then maybe etch or lenny, in 
> any case, you will have done a service for debian.

Lenny - probably (subject to the testing migration process). Etch -
doubtfully, as Etch is now released as "stable".

>> Having looked over the bugs assigned to the Debian Perl group[0] the only 
>> one that looked easily solvable and fixable to me right now was #442764, 
>> which already has a patch present.  (However I've not tested the patch and 
>> couldn't NMU right now without a sponsor ..)
>> So I'm a little stalled.  I'd like to contribute to the perl packages in 
>> the project, but without being able to upload I'm a little lost.

Test the patch, commit it in the SVN repository and send an RFS here or
on IRC. (btw, I presonally prefer quilt for patches; there is a brief
guide on group's site)

>> Are there any perl modules on CPAN that users would particularly 
>> appreciate me packaging?

Anything *you* care about. Personal interest is the key -- we don't want
all the CPAN, but only that part that is useful and will be
well-maintained :)

>> and I'm certainly comfortable with actually making Perl packages, having 
>> done so locally since the Sarge days.  (Initially via dh-make-perl, and 
>> later "by hand").

dh-make-perl from unstable should do rather good job. And, since it is
in out SVN repository, you can always add what is missing :)

>> One final question - If I do find a perl package which could be usefully 
>> uploaded would I be welcome to ask for membershop/uploaders here?  Or 
>> should I stick to the traditional debian-mentors route?

I for one am sponsoring lib*-perl packages only if they are maintained
by the group. This means that you are welcome to join the group and
maintain these under group's umbrella. Other DDs here may have different
policy, of course.

Ah, last note: If you want to join, please send a mail asking to be
added to the pkg-perl alioth project to this list, mentioning your user
name on alioth. Giving a list of tasks you want to accomplish to impress
is a bonus :)
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