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Re: libsvg-graph-perl

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Il giorno Thu, 13 Sep 2007 21:36:47 +0300
Damyan Ivanov <dam@modsoftsys.com> ha scritto:

> - -=| David Paleino, 13.09.2007 17:55 |=-
> > I think it's ready;
> Good. Uploaded.

Thank you, just read this mail and, in the meanwhile, received the mail from
Debian Installer ;-)

> > A thing I'd like to ask: I've always used:
> > 
> > perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=vendor VENDORARCHEXP=/usr/share/perl5
> > INSTALLVENDORARCH=/usr/share/perl5
> > 
> > to avoid the creation of an empty /usr/lib/perl5, but here [1] I saw that
> > only INSTALLDIRS is set, while the directory is removed at the install
> > target with an rmdir. Which one is the preferable way?
> Both work. Perhaps the first looks better as the second looks more like
> a patchwork. If you're sure the first approach is better overall (i.e.
> should work for all packages), feel free to fix dh-make-perl.

I don't really know. My approach is based on the Makefile MM generates (I
didn't know of dh-make-perl until now), I don't know whether there could be
exceptions to this behaviour or not.

> > Secondly, why dh_clean * must be put before $(MAKE) distclean? It always
> > worked both ways... is there any special case when it won't work?
> Imagine $(MAKE) distclean fails halfway through. Some of the results of
> the build target are removed, others are not. This leaves the build in
> an inconsistent state - build-stamp is present, but some of the build
> results are already removed.
> By removing stamp files first, this inconsistency is avoided.

Thanks for the explanation. :-)


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