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Re: using dh-make-perl with Module::Install (and getting dependencies)

Hi Gunnar, hi debian-perl group,

Gunnar Wolf schrieb:
As always, what does "in Debian" mean?

In Debian Stable (i.e. 4.0, Etch) it won't ever go in - but don't
worry, neither will CPANPLUS.

In our development branches (unstable, testing), it will probably
enter shortly after its release - How long? Depends on its
complexity. Perl is maintained by Brendan O'Dea, not by our group, so
I don't want to put any words in his mouth.
Of course, I expect introducing a new major version will not be
hassle-free - so maybe the best way out is to start working on getting
CPANPLUS rolling as an independent package, which can later disappear.

Okay, so it seems I made a typical beginner's mistake by referring to debian per se instead of individual branches. :)

But more seriously, that last paragraph of the quoted text is exactly what I was trying to express.

Best regards,

P.S.: Gunnar, I really liked your article on perl modules in debian. Coming from the perl-side of things, it was very helpful. Thank you for writing it! Too bad I couldn't come to YAPC.

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