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using dh-make-perl with Module::Install (and getting dependencies)

I saw an interesting presentation on Web::Scraper at YAPC::EU in Vienna. I wanted to package that module for debian so I can
use it. :)

When installing it with dh-make-perl I received the following error:

CPAN: File::Temp loaded ok (v0.18)
Found: Web-Scraper 0.13 (libweb-scraper-perl arch=all)
Could not find the dependencies for the requested module

[ snip ]

Please check if your module depends on Module::Install
for its build process - Automatically finding its
dependencies is unsupported, please specify them manually
using the 'depends' option. 

How can we support finding dependencies if one is using Module::Install? Is this something that needs to be done or is there a reason why this is not supported? What is a good way to find dependencies? Zamolxes noted that CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb can do this but I noted that the hook for CPANPLUS is disabled in dh-make-perl - is there a reason for this?

Jeremiah Foster
Key fingerprint = 9616 2AD3 3AE0 502C BD75  65ED BDC3 0D44 2F5A E672

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