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Re: Today I played with dh-make-perl...

-=| Gunnar Wolf,  8.08.2007 00:57 |=-
> I managed to remove its reliance on hand-written information regarding
> its core module list - and BTW added a run-time switch to specify
> which packages should be considered as base (currently, they are perl,
> perl-base and perl-modules - Now, I might be very mistaken in my
> assumption, thinking about this, as only perl-base is essential,
> although they are all _build_-essential)...
> Anyway, I just sent this change to SVN. Please play with it and tell
> me how it works (or even better, just dig in and fix it!)

As perl-modules is is essential to dh-make-perl's proper work, shouldn't
it be listed as a dependency?

Why omitting dependencies on modules that are in non-essential perl and
perl-modules? IMHO, if newly generated package uses modules from these,
a dependency is due. And adding command-line option simply to be able to
say that perl is essential is an overkill for me :)

My proposal is:
- Add Depends: perl-modules
- split standard packages into essential and standard, then any
dependency on standard packages is noted as such, dependencies on
essential perl-base are ignored
- drop the new command line option

Say "yo" and I'll commit :)
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