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Re: Pending uploads

Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> -=| gregor herrmann,  2.08.2007 18:49 |=-
> > I think if we need a "rule" then it must be a simple one, like
> > "Copyright $year The Debian Perl Group" or "Copyright $year
> > $Uploaders" (what about an svn post-commit hook? *g*).
> I have no problem with the en-mass DPG approach. Perhaps something like
> 	Copyright (C) $year(s) The Debian Perl Group <mail>. Detailed
> 	list of copyright holders may be obtained by inspecting
> 	Subversion logs. See svn://svn.debian/org/$package
> I am not sure how "legal" that is, however.

Since the DPG is no legal entity, it cannot hold copyright.

I'd prefer not to set up a general rule about noting packaging copyright.  
What kinds of (legal) problems do you expect to actually arise, anyway?  
Can you give an example?

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