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Re: pkg-perl TODO: SVN, archive, upstream, etc versions

On Thu, 19 Jul 2007 13:36:12 +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> The scripts/qa/versioncheck-html script compares all five possible
> versions of a package - upstream, SVN, NEW, incoming and the version in
> the archive and outputs a list of packages whose versions differ.
> The result is at http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/qa/versions.html

Thanks for your improvements!
> (1)
> For the entries with "CPAN contains no /regex/" in the "Upstream"
> column, the watch-file needs to be updated to contain the real location
> of the upstream source.

That seems to have been fixed by someone already.
(I guess by you doing some changes to the regex in the script :-))
> Similarly with packages claiming to be higher than the upstream -
> perhaps debian/watch points to some old location.

> (3)
> Invalid/missing watch files should be fixed.

I've just fixed the two last invalid ones. That leaves us with two
missing ones:
* libtext-roman-perl
From the changelog by Gunnar:
  * Upstream repository is gone; CPAN has only outdated packages.
    Killing debian/watch, as it serves no purpose anymore
Can we resurrect the file? If only to prevent error messages ...
* dh-make-perl
Well :-)      
Should we write a watch file pointing to the Debian archive?
[pending uploads]
> Suggestions how
> to make this more visible on the page are welcome.

Hm, some nice colour codes with css?
> The script still considers "0.2200" and "0.22" to be different.

Yup, that's a uscan/watchfile issue.
> This all HTML thing is just some bike-shedding on my side over the work
> Gregor has done. Thanks, Gregor!

Oh, you have greatly improved the script, thanks to you!

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