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pkg-perl TODO: SVN, archive, upstream, etc versions

Hi all,

The scripts/qa/versioncheck-html script compares all five possible
versions of a package - upstream, SVN, NEW, incoming and the version in
the archive and outputs a list of packages whose versions differ.

The result is at http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/qa/versions.html

This gives the following TO-DO for people with time :)

For the entries with "CPAN contains no /regex/" in the "Upstream"
column, the watch-file needs to be updated to contain the real location
of the upstream source.

Similarly with packages claiming to be higher than the upstream -
perhaps debian/watch points to some old location.

There are packages that differ only in the debian revision. For each of
these, either the package is ready for upload (please upload/send RFS),
or the change is so small that it does not warrant an upload, in which
case please change the distribution in debian/changelog to something
other than "unstable". For example "UNRELEASED" :)

Invalid/missing watch files should be fixed.

The script is run daily and spends less than a minute on alioth.

I guess after fixing (2), this more-or-less provides the functionality
of the "pending/" branch we discussed. That is, packages needing an
upload are those whose SVN and archive versions differ. Suggestions how
to make this more visible on the page are welcome.

The script still considers "0.2200" and "0.22" to be different.

Native packages (dh-make-perl) are treated as having upstream version
equal to the one in the repository.

This all HTML thing is just some bike-shedding on my side over the work
Gregor has done. Thanks, Gregor!
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