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Re: Packaging a CGI with modules?

Damyan Ivanov <dam@modsoftsys.com> wrote: [...]
> This way one would be able to "make INST_LIB=debian/tmp", right?

I think you could, but make PREFIX=... or DESTDIR=... would probably
be more usual.

> If there is some way to put custom path in CGIs' @INC, the IMO correct
> place for the modules is /usr/share/koha/lib. If it is troublesome to
> get that path in @INC, then install them in /usr/share/perl5/

SetEnv in an apache VirtualHost config can be used, but the modules
are also used by some scripts the webmaster may want to use, so I'd
put them in the normal perl tree.

> > Also, I'm intending to use prompt() to obtain values to generate
> > configuration files.  Is there a slick way to get debconf to supply
> > prompt() answers,
> I am not sure. What is prompt? At what stage of the build/install
> process are these questions asked?

prompt is described in man ExtUtils::MakeMaker "Other Handy Functions".
I don't know what stage they're asked at.  I'm hoping during install.
If it's running non-interactively (debian build?) it uses defaults.

Damyan Ivanov <dam@modsoftsys.com> wrote:
> [CC added to MJ. Sorry if you're subscribed] [...]

I'm subscribed.  I usually remember to ask for CCs if required.

> With separate place, ScriptAlias will enable CGI support only to koha's
> scripts and nothing else. For example, imagine user wants to use a
> VirtualHost or a separate Location for koha.

I think koha stills need to have its own two VirtualHosts to work
properly.  We probably should fix that, but maybe not this month.

> BTW, MJ, what is the expected value for $(INST_LIB) in the pure
> (non-Debian) installation and when used from debian/rules?

/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 and /usr/share/perl5 I think.

Hope that helps,

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