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Re: Compiling Perl 5.005 in Debian

>>>>> On Thu, 1 Mar 2007 03:39:16 +0100, "Víctor Llorens Vilella" <victor.llorens@gmail.com> said:

  > Hello,
  > I've been trying to compile perl5.005_03 (revision 3) in my debian with kernel  2.6.18-3-686
  > and Gcc compiler, but I can't.  The problem is:
  > make: *** No rule to make target `<built-in>', needed by `miniperlmain.o'.  Stop.
  > More acuratelly, I need this version of Perl in order to install SPECcpu2000 in debian.
  > Because it's a 1999 version (wtf), it does not have any pre-build tool-set for debian. It
  > contains the source of the versions of all programs needed to build the test suite and a
  > concrete version of them (to prevent future incompatibility I supose) . A "builtools" script
  > is given, this one compiles all the sources.
  >   It's this script who , after compile other programs, can't compile perl and stops. Anyway,
  > I have tryed to do it manually and I get the same previously mentioned error.
  > I hope somebody could help me, or tell me some reference.

This is a problem that came from some gcc upgrade.

You must remove these pesky lines from the Makefiles. Try something
like this:

  perl -i.bak -nle 'print unless /<(built-in|command line)>/' makefile x2p/makefile

I similar problems remain, just remove them manually or in a similar way.


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