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Re: A plan to get rid of unnecessary package dependencies

gregor herrmann <gregor+debian@comodo.priv.at> writes:

> http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/howto-fix-errors.html says:

> In effect you are missing a dependency, probably for one of the
> following reasons: 

>   * The package ships ELF files but doesn't use dpkg-shlibdeps /
>     dh_shlibdeps (or scews up while doing so). If the checklib log
>     mentions libc.so.6 the package probably is in this category.
>     Packages where I'm pretty sure "Missing deps" in their checklib
>     comment. They should be fixed as they violate Policy 3.5. Just make
>     sure dh_shlibdeps is used and it's working correctly.

> In the case of these packages the assumption seems wrong:

> $ grep dh_shlibdeps libio-interface-perl/debian/rules 
>         dh_shlibdeps
> $ grep dh_shlibdeps libio-socket-multicast-perl/debian/rules 
>         dh_shlibdeps
> $ grep dh_shlibdeps libproc-process-perl/debian/rules 
>         dh_shlibdeps
> $ 

Looks like the actual problem is a missing ${shlibs:Depends}.  I've fixed
libio-interface-perl and am uploading that now.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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