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Re: Your opinions on low-NMU treshold

Julian Mehnle dijo [Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 06:50:14PM +0000]:
> > Remember that NMU'd bugs are not marked as closed, but as fixed, and
> > they still appear in our group's QA page [1]. If the NMU uploader
> > works as he should, he will send a proper patch to the BTS, and we
> > will find it. And if we don't care to look for the open bugs in our
> > packages every now and then, it's not much of a difference if he
> > uploads to the 7-day delayed queue (standard procedure) or straight to
> > incoming (low treshold), aas we won't probably take note until the bug
> > fix is in.
> I wasn't aware that there was a difference between the "closed" and "fixed" 
> bug stati; thanks for pointing it out to me.  If it's easy for us to keep 
> track of what changes were done by outsiders w/o updates to the reposi- 
> tory, then my concerns are pretty much gone.
> Two provocative questions, though:  What real problem is being solved by 
> entering the Perl group into the low-threshold NMU club?  Doesn't that 
> make the group mostly pointless?

No, not at all. The packages are group maintained - If there is any
kind of issue in packages you have uploaded as our group's and you go
away, I can perfectly work on them, independently if whether they are
RC bugs or what. I am expected to upload new versions, to keep track
of lesser bugs, etc. _And_ NMUs are not in our SVN repository - only
proper maintainer uploads are tracked there. Of course, NMUs can be
added, but I have so far not seen them.

> I have no other concerns.

Great! I'm adding the group then to the Wiki page; of course, if
needed, it can be removed.

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