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Re: Reorganizing our repository

gregor herrmann dijo [Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 08:12:08PM +0200]:
> > How would you feel towards moving to a structure similar to the pools
> > in the Debian archive? We could add one more level to the archive,
> > separating according to the module's first letter:
> [..]
> > It is a trivial move, but AFAICT it will make faster our 'svn up' or
> > 'svn cleanup' commands. And will make life easier as our repository
> > continues to grow.
> I'm no heavy svn user in general, but I don't see at the moment how
> the new structure would speed up operations. Could you please give me
> a hint?

I might be very wrong on this, you are right, and this is mainly a
personal perception. Perhaps a more heavy user (I'm thinking maybe of
Joeyh?) can comment. 

This structure would mean little for handling the _complete_ set of
packages. It would, however, help us make sure our checkout of an
arbitrary subset of packages is complete (following Joey's message -
I'm answering to him as well), yes, I don't have any other way of
having the complete checkout, which I like having - Maybe I should
just give up on that? Or we should keep the current directory as it

In an nutshell: Doing a 'svn up' in packages simply takes forever. I'm
not a patient guy. I'd like to be able to make a smaller 'svn up', and
the obvious way for me is at least to split the repository in smaller


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