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Re: considering joining the debian perl group

Joey Hess dijo [Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 12:26:20AM -0500]:
> (...)
>  - What is the overall health of the group like? There seem to be a lot
>    of open modules to package and packages to upload in the tracker,
>    most of them dating back to 2004. The number of bugs isn't high, but
>    there are a suprising number of forwarded bugs. Are there enough DDs
>    on the project? Are there enough people to keep up with the current
>    set of packages?

I'll speak only for myself here - I think we all work +- in the same
way. There are some issues we do coordinate as a team, but mostly we
work on our own, each person maintaining what he can.

I don't pay attention too often to the tracker in Alioth, although I
have done some uploads and sent some comments on why I didn't do some
others - I tend to work on the packages that are already on my local
svn tree, and on requests posted to this list.

Enough people? Well, most packages are quite low-maintenance, and
pkg-perl has 29 registered people (although, of course, many of them
quite dormant - but I can recognize at least 10 which are active right

>  - Do maintainers tend to focus on a subset of the packages maintained
>    by the group, or does everyone work on all the packages as a whole?

I keep a closer eye on the packages I am listed as an uploader - that
means, packages I have touched. Of course, I tend to add myself as an
uploader for packages I upload for others (and are part of the

>  - Do you have automated tools (ie, uscan) set up to alert you of new
>    upstream releases? How up-to-date are your packages overall?

Again, personally: I open every day my maintainer page at
qa.debian.org, which runs uscan for me. I have been less responsive
than usual during the vacation period, so I have some pending updates
to make, and every now and then the uscan reports errors where it
shouldn't... But it's mostly up to date.

>  - Since it's using the packages/<package/{trunk,tags,branches} layout, 
>    how do you possibly check everything out of svn? Without also getting
>    umpteen gigabtes of old tags and branches that is.

Uh... Er... Yes, you do :)

>  - What's the group doing to identify useful new stuff on CPAN?
>    (To suggest a module at random, Term::Gnuplot)

I package whatever I use for my work, or sometimes modules somebody
reccommends me to look at. Every now and then (although not very
often), I look at the RFPs and choose a couple of requests. But other
than that, I don't track new CPAN modules.


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