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Re: considering joining the debian perl group

Em Qua, 2006-01-04 às 00:26 -0500, Joey Hess escreveu:
> I'm trying to find co-maintainers for all my packages. I've been
> periphially aware of the debian perl group for a while, 

I, personally, believe that group maintainance is an easy way to
co-maintain packages, including co-maintaining with non-DDs which can
use SVN to apply patches, and then just request for an upload.

> mostly due to
> posts on this mailing list (most that I can remember seem to be non-DDs
> looking for someone to do an upload).

This is mainly, I think, because DDs can commit and upload silently...

>  - What is the overall health of the group like?

Well, not making much noise, but there are 115 packages + 3 pending and
31 open bugs... 

>    There seem to be a lot
>    of open modules to package and packages to upload in the tracker,
>    most of them dating back to 2004. 

Well, there is a special reason to this... The group started working in
2004, and we were more aggressive on taking orphaned packages and
resolving RFPs, after some time, we saw that we shouldn't be so
agressive... And we're not using the tracker that much anymore...

>    The number of bugs isn't high, but
>    there are a suprising number of forwarded bugs.

Maybe we aren't so much integrated with upstream. We could improve

>    Are there enough DDs
>    on the project?

Usually, uploads happens quite quickly, we have 27 members in alioth,
including 14 DDs (if my eyes didn't trick me)... The only work that is
DD-specific is the upload (including the usual checks), so it gets

>    Are there enough people to keep up with the current
>    set of packages?

Well, the only way to measure that, I think, is the number of open
issues... We certainly could be better, but I could say that we're
handling it...

>  - Do maintainers tend to focus on a subset of the packages maintained
>    by the group, or does everyone work on all the packages as a whole?

In theory, everyone works on all packages, but it's up to the member if
he thinks he will work better focusing in some packages only.

>  - What's the group doing to identify useful new stuff on CPAN?
>    (To suggest a module at random, Term::Gnuplot)

I used to track the RFPs... I'm not doing it anymore, but I don't know
if someone is... (is someone?)


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