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Re: Packaging effort for Perl Debs

Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

I'm assuming from the limited number of packages in the CPAN debs repository (and Debian),

Err, Debian has over 900 -perl packages.  While that may be only a
fraction of CPAN as a whole, it's certainly not "limited".

Perhaps I should say "limiting" from the perspective of the developer wanting to bring perl apps to Debian.

I'm certainly not complaining of lack of effort on the part of Debian developers, it just struck me that if I was to package those modules I need, it didn't buy me much (slightly quicker and more predictable installs the second, and subsequent times), unless I could share them with other people (and vice versa). So I took a look at what was happening on this again.

Certainly some of the modules I've installed via CPAN, through dependencies, I've now discovered I can retrieve via "apt", had I but known what I was doing.

Will anything spot those modules already packaged when doing dependency checking on the CPAN modules? For example I picked up IO:Zlib from CPAN, when libio-zlib-perl is ready and waiting.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to "undo" the CPAN install, and install the module, or otherwise tidy that one up.

On the other hand Catalyst, and dependencies are already there, although not yet in stable alas. So we are pondering the "best way to deploy" that. We only have a handful of servers, so I suspect "cpan" or similar will be used over any fancy "apt" configs, until it is all 'automagic'.

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