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Packaging effort for Perl Debs

I asked some general questions on the state of Perl and Debian here;


Probably the wrong place, but hey I'm learning quickly.

I'm wondering how much effort is involved in maintaining a (simple) Debian Perl package, in terms of hours per week.

Especially since some of those that I would like to use are "fairly mainstream" Perl modules, and typically they have limited "complexity" (well compared to say libapache2-mod-perl2).

It looks like it requires quite some knowledge of the Debian packaging system, not least because all the easy stuff appears to be automated leaving only the difficult stuff (eek).

I'm assuming from the limited number of packages in the CPAN debs repository (and Debian), that either it is more difficult to automate than it appears, or Jos was expecting a lot of Debian developers to appear and take over the work, or possibly Jos uses cpanplus and has all the debs he needs ;)

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