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Re: Pile of Perl package to give away


Am Dienstag, den 27.09.2005, 21:43 -0500 schrieb Carlo Segre:
> This and the previous announcement beg the question of what the role of 
> the Debian-perl group is supposed to be.  are we obliged to take in 
> orphaned perl packages?

Well, that was the idea somehow. But we should not take more than we can
handle. We already have a very large amount of packages, and not really
a lot of active people (which does not include me ATM, I must admit).

We could handle more if we had better tools, for example a
"adopt-package" tool that just takes the package name and will download
the last version from the archive, change the control field, checking
for wnpp bugs, add a changelog, inject it into the svn etc. If someone
wants to do that, that would be great.

Also included in our "mission" could be to throw unused perl packages
out of the archive. But this is dangerous, the user that has local apps
with that module won't like to see that he suddenly has to use CPAN

We should have an eye on the "Collaborative maintenance by external
contributors" that Andread Barth wrote about in his last message to
d-d-announce: Whatever infrastructure they come up with might be helpful
to us.

Maybe we also should throw a bunch of users out of the alioth project
that have never commited anything, just get an overview who is actually
interested in the DPG.

My 2¢

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