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Re: Net:SFTP

Eric Gaumer dijo [Tue, May 17, 2005 at 12:51:29AM -0700]:
> I threw this out on the Debian Perl list just to see if anyone else was 
> considering packaging this and/or needed the packages.
> While becoming a DD would be an honor, it's really too much trouble trying to 
> break that ring of trust. I can totally understand the need for stringent 
> requirements and I'm glad Debian maintains such high standards.

You don't need to be a DD to contribute to Debian - Personally, I am
sorry - I saw your list, but was (am?) too busy at the moment to do
anything about it. Anyway, the best way to get your packages to the
right people would probably be to start contributing to the Debian
Pkg-perl Alioth project [1] - Many current contributors are not DDs,
they only need to bug us DDs to do the uploads. 

Of course, regarding the note that Luk sent: You have to make sure the
package is completely policy compliant - If Net::SFTP depends on
packages not in the archive but all of them are DFSG-free, you have to
package them all and put them all in main.

> I need certain things packaged regardless of wether I hold the title of 
> "Debian Developer" or not. I've come to the realization that when I need 
> something not in the archive I'm better off packaging it myself than 
> submitting an RFP. I don't have months to wait for some of this stuff and my 
> boss would just as soon use RedHat. I package this stuff so that I can use 
> Debian at work because it makes my life easier.

Yes, I think RFPs never really worked :-( But showing your work like
you did over six weeks ago _should_.

> At any rate I offer my work to the community and they can except my help or 
> reject it. Either way, it doesn't change what I need to do. I packaged this 
> stuff because the staff at work was pulling hair out trying to build it from 
> CPAN, not to try and become a DD (not that I'm disrespecting that title in 
> anyway -- it's just not my top priority at the moment). 

You can also consider using dh-make-perl - If you just have to build
simple packages out of CPAN modules and you don't feel like
maintaining them in Debian, it's the easiest way out.


[1] https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-perl/

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