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Re: libdbd-sqlite-perl

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 04:20:30PM +0100, Krzysztof Krzyzaniak wrote:

 > >  The changelog for 1.x doesn't actually mention something breaking,
 > >  so my guess is that the new DBD::SQLite is backwards compatible
 > >  and that
 > it is not.

 Just out of curiosity: how can a DBD not be backwards compatible?  I
 understand that the underlying engine might not be backwards
 compatible.  Do you perhaps mean that there are SQL statements that
 SQLite 2 executed that SQLite 3 doesn't?

 > >  there's a libdbd-sqlite3-perl stuck in incoming's queue.
 > No. There are prepared lidbd-sqlite2-perl packages but I have one
 > problem. Generated .so file is not linked with any of sqlite package.
 > I don't understand exactly how works xs packages of perl but I
 > prepared this package with manually linked libsqlite0.

 What do you mean "manually linked"?

 It comes out fine here.

 > When I fix problem with legacy package libdbd-sqlite2-perl package I'll
 > upload libdbd-sqlite-perl compiled against sqlite3 libs.

 Fine, but that doesn't really address the problem of existing programs
 breaking, does it?  What happens when both libdbd-sqlite2-perl and
 libdbd-sqlite-perl are installed and one of these programs gets run?


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