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Re: libdbd-sqlite-perl

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 11:54:46PM +1300, Nick Phillips wrote:

 > Seems that DBD::SQLite has now migrated to sqlite3, but that
 > libdbd-sqlite-perl has stayed at sqlite2 by actually packaging
 > DBD::SQLite2 rather than DBD::SQLite.

 Uhm... from README.Debian:

    Package name changes from DBD::SQLite to DBD::SQLite2.

 meaning the Perl package name, not the Debian package name.

    Upstream package DBD::SQLite >= 1.00 uses sqlite3. For compatibility
    reasons Debian use DBD-SQLite2 as foundation. Please, change in your
    programs connect param from "dbi:SQLite" to "dbi:SQLite2".

 Sounds broken to me.  This means existing working programs will break
 in favor of future upstream compatibility.  From upstream's changelog:

        - Renamed to DBD::SQLite2 to allow backwards compatibility
        - Implemented busy_timeout API
        - Add internal line number to error reporting

 The changelog for 1.x doesn't actually mention something breaking, so
 my guess is that the new DBD::SQLite is backwards compatible and that
 there's a libdbd-sqlite3-perl stuck in incoming's queue.


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