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Re: perl packaging replication

Em Seg, 2004-10-25 às 16:48, Stephen Quinney escreveu:
> I noticed today several new packages have appeared in sid which seem to
> exactly or closely replicate those already available in the perl
> package itself.

Well, I think it's not desirable to have two packages installing the
same software. I think the specific perl module package should be
removed *or* that module stays off the perl main package.

> Of these 3 only one of them seems justified and, to me, it would seem
> better to request an update of the libfile-spec-perl within the perl
> package rather than introduce another new package.

But... Is it really a good idea to have the perl package including more
and more packages? I mean, even if they come from the same source, it
would be nice to have these packages as separated binary packages so it
don't force unecessary modules to be installed, which could be a
problem in a restricted environment... 

Just a little thought... what do you think?


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