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Re: New packages available for upload

> > > libfile-touch-perl_0.01-2.tar.gz
> > > libperl6-export-perl_0.05-1.tar.gz
> > > libperl6-form-perl_0.03-1.tar.gz

> Ok, I can upload them, as well as libperl6-slurp-perl (didn't see it
> listed). Just please file the ITP bug against wnpp (or tell me you
> don't want to do so - I will file it ;-) But the main interest, the
> packaging work and the credit should belong to you, I would only be
> the uploader).

I haven't filed any ITP bugs yet, so I'll try. I found this page:


I'll just file a skeleton bug. What information do you think I should
provide? I guess I'll mention the Perl Group and mention Joachim and you
as Group sponsors...



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