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Re: RFC: First draft of announcement in CVS

Em Qua, 2004-01-07 às 13:34, Joachim Breitner escreveu:
> HE's rewrite is ok for me. That leaves us with two questions:

The text is ok for me too.

> 1) Signature: What kind of signature do we want to put there?
> =cut
> Debian Perl Group

I'd vote for this, since this is a group announcement, isn't it?

> 2) Where to send:
> Is debian-devel ok? (In this case I suggest a "Announcement:" in the
> subject) Or should we go to debian-devel-announce? I'm not sure. Here is
> the description of d-d-announce:
> > Announcements of development issues like policy changes, important
> > release issues &c.
> But considering that there wa an announcement for planet debian[1], it
> should be ok to go there.

I think it can be sent to d-d-announce, because it is an announcement,
and not the start of a discussion. (but obviosly is expected that
somebody coment it)

> I guess that I should send it, so I can sign it with a key from the
> debian keyring.

Seems ok to me.

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