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Re: Re: Automatic generation of Debian-Packages


I didn't know that you had to be an official DD to open a alioth
project. If that is the case, I can open the project, and give you all
the admin rights for it. I'd rather not lead it, though.


Am Mi, den 31.12.2003 schrieb Daniel Ruoso um 14:08:
> Hmmm... actually the project was refused because (according to allioth)
> I'm not a debian maintainer, which surprised me, since I am the
> maintainer of cvs-autoreleasedeb package... Maybe some debian (official)
> developer should try creating the project instead...
> Em Ter, 2003-12-30 às 17:33, Joachim Breitner escreveu:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > a bit late, but I just read about this in the Debian Timeline:
> > 
> > > Hmmm... I was thinking of a group that:
> > >  * handle the RFP of perl modules, 
> > >  * Document the usage of tools like dh-make-perl
> > >  * Improve such tools
> > >  * Handle the bugs of the packages under group's maintainance
> > >  * Encourage CPAN developers that uses debian to help the group
> > >  * Maintain up to date the packages under group's maintainance
> > 
> > I'd like to join that group too. I subscribed to debian-perl, so please
> > announce when the alioth project goes online.
> > 
> > nomeata
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