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Re: libmime-base64-perl

> >I asked about this on debian-perl a while ago, but didn't get any
> >answer.  
> Sorry...  drowning in mail, that one must have slipped by.

It's no problem.  I had forgotten I even asked until I looked over my
buglist earlier today. <sigh>

> OK, the way it works is that the core Perl distribution contains a bunch
> of modules (more with every release) which are also often packaged
> seperately on CPAN.

Got it.

> In short, if you have reason to create a package a module of the same or
> a newer version than is provided the perl packages please feel free to
> do so.  If your package is of the same version and does not provide
> additional function, or is of an older version (in which case it will be
> uninstallable anyway) please instruct the ftp masters to remove the
> package.

Hrm.  I took the package over, along with three or four other packages,
when mdorman admitted that he didn't have time for it any more.  I
didn't (don't) really have any particular need for it.  There are a lot
of packages which depend on libmime-base64-perl in some form; I suppose
I should check whether any of those packages have a versioned
dependency, and then if not, I should have the package removed from the

Thanks for the feedback.


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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