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Re: Installing perl 5.6.1 on unstable

On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 06:09:00PM +0200, Eric Smith wrote:
>I am trying to run an accounting application XIWA which depends on perl 5.6.1.

What specific dependency does the application have on 5.6.1 that isn't
filled by 5.8.0?

>Have maanged to install from a deb file the perl base and some modules but 
>still getting symbol not found on some of the depent modules .so files.
>I do not want to keep finding errors and then installing the 5.6.1 version
>of each module.
>How do I use the apt system to properly install all dependencies in ver. 5.6.1 on unstable
>(parallel to my existing 5.8)?

You install a local copy to /usr/local generally.


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