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Re: DB_File

Brendan O'Dea wrote:
> I recall a suggestion a while back to have a news.Debian file which
> could contain things such as the NOTEs which appear at the top of the
> 5.8.0-7 release.  This is actually something which could replace many of
> current uses of debconf notes, particularly if there was something like
> apt-listchanges for the file.

I encourage you to get behind that proposal; add NEWS.Debian files to
perl where appropriate. The format is the same as a changelog, but you
only rev it for new news items, and generally leave off the bullets.

Of course for now you have to put the note in the changelog too, but one
way to get the NEWS.Debian thing to take off is for existing packages to
begin to use it.

Matt Zimmerman and I have talked about apt-listchanges support several
times and I hope it will happen eventually. Pity that program is written
in python, so my attempts at hacking it in have not been very good.

see shy jo

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