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Re: perl 5.8 questions/comments

Brendan O'Dea wrote:
> For the moment my principal concern was working the bugs (such as the
> man page thing above) out of perl, testing the packaging procedure,
> embedded interpreters and so on.
> The rationale for providing a developer writable incoming directory was
> prinipally to allow maintainers to test their own packages, although in
> some instances that also may require an NMU of some dependencies.
> For my own purposes, I've done MUs of my own packages, plus some binary
> NMUs on my development arch simply to satisfy dependencies.  Although
> feel free to do sourceful NMUs if you wish.
> Unless indicated to me otherwise by mail, anything which is dropped into
> my incoming and processed into the pool will be copied into ftp-master's
> incoming at the end of the testing period (a week or two).

I meant to ask -- when updating XS module packages for 5.8, should they
be made to build-dep on that version of perl? That may be necessary
once they hit the real archive to ensure that autobuilders build them
against the new version of perl.

see shy jo

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