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Re: how to handle newer versions of the modules in perl-modules?

Stephen Zander (gibreel@debian.org) wrote:
> >>>>> "Ardo" == Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org> writes:
>     Ardo> Hi, Two of the Perl modules whose packages I maintain for
>     Ardo> Debian require a newer version of Test::Harness than the one
>     Ardo> currently provided by 'perl-modules'.  There are bound to be
>     Ardo> more similar situations over time so we probably need a
>     Ardo> mechanism/procedure/policy/... to handle newer versions of
>     Ardo> the modules in 'perl-modules'.
> perl-modules contains the modules included in the perl tarball. *You
> cannot seperate these from the rest of the 'source: perl' packages.*

I don't see a reason why not.  From a source tarball one could create
a seperate binary package for each module and have 'perl-modules' then
depend on all of them.  From a package bloat point of view this is not
what we want to do, but it is possible.

> The only solution to what you describe is to seperately package the
> relevant perl modules you require.  If you need Test::Harness, package
> it; this is exactly what others have done with CGI et al.

Ok, I'll look into that.

One potential issue I see is that in the long run 'perl-modules' gets a
long 'Conflict/Provides/Replaces' list.  But let's cross that bridge when
it comes to that.

Another potential issue is that a newer version might break the API of a
particular module.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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